FW Collection 2019

Urban Street

Never shy away from the bright lights. MVP Collections is proud to announce the Neon Lights Collection.

Crystal white, electric lime, and neon pink flashes contrast darker backgrounds to give this collection the pop it deserves. Neon Lights’ modern take on classic streetwear silhouettes like the bomber jacket and polo tee shirt allows you to stand out comfortably while bolts of color show off the high levels of energy that you exude.

One way to show off this collection is to compliment the bright, energetic nature of the electric lime with the grittiness of a city with Urban Streets. Design elements like graphic overlays and double exposure can play with the environment, reimagining the black-and-white drabness of the city into a bright, electric dreamscape.

Focus design details

Street Photography

Design Elements

Highlight neon around model

Paint neon on background